Ziyaad Haniff is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. Though he was once forced to attend arts camp as a child, he now champions pursuits of self-expression and entrepreneurship. As a multimedia storyteller, his diverse creative experiences tend to inform and amplify one another: graduated as a Theatre and New Media major; spent years in music journalism; accidentally became a professional photographer; tapped to creative consult for startups; and channeled his narrative and visual skills into Directing roles. Through his companies — Team Ziyaad and Digital Pyramids — Ziyaad has been a driving force behind content for both emerging artists and businesses. Collaborators looking to work alongside him would join the likes of JFL42, Hasan Minhaj, Pomp&Clout, and the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

Looking to collaborate? Have any questions? I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to email me at: teamziyaad@gmail.com