One Shot

“The second single from Keep in Touch” Creative Direction + Design Keep in Touch – One Shot (2020)

Stuck on You

“The debut single from Keep in Touch” Creative Direction + Design Keep in Touch – Stuck on You (2020)

Joyride – Spec Ad

“Find Joy in the Essentials” Creative Direction + Photography + Design Find Joy in the Essentials. A spec Joyride/NRC ad – based on 90’s Nike visuals – for the quarantine era. Once we cross the finish line, we’ll celebrate together ✊🏽

Sending Love

“We’re only listening to love songs in 2020”

Wildlife: A Scarborough Story

“To Scarborough, From Scarborough” Directing + Photography + Design + Creative Direction “Wildlife” follows rapper, Jimy Powers as he navigates life as an artist from Scarborough. Displaced from the Downtown Core, the documentary illustrates the challenges that obstruct and deter aspiring creatives from their destinations. Despite the connotations that surround Scarborough and its residents, “Wildlife” addresses […]

Transit(ion) – A Vehicle for My Experiences

“By: Ziyaad Haniff”

Do the Visual Arts Need to Be Seen? (2017)

“Tagged People: 52”

“Too Fast” – Sonder: A Concept Treatment

Ain’t no such thing as too fast for me

“Reminder” – The Weeknd: A Concept Treatment

Go tell your friends about it

Sean Leon and Some Peoples Kids Poster

Black Sheep Nirvana

Miguel – Wildheart Album Cover

What’s normal anyway?

Red Bull – 3 Days in Toronto

Careful presents… Design As a longtime fan of Red Bull Sound Select (RBSS) – now Red Bull Music – you can only imagine how excited I was to hear that they were hosting 3 Days in Toronto; a music festival of sorts. Our music site, Careful decided to curate songs from the artists and create playlists […]


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Music Video Treatments

A pivotal step in the development process