“Be More, Careful.”

Careful is a music blog based out of Toronto dedicated to pushing the state of public discourse forward. You can find Careful here.


Writing + Content Design

Careful is a music blog created by my cousin and I in hopes of changing online music discourse. Our focus is on crafting thoughtful and inventive articles. Because of our small team, we’re often wearing many hats. I’m actively working on pitching new features, writing articles, and managing our social media accounts.

We opt for a conversational style of writing. Since our content can be considered longform, it makes the articles more accessible. It has also proved to be effective when communicating with artists. When we remove the façade of a “music outlet” and approach people as fans, the conversation becomes genuine.


Design + Branding

We named our music blog, Careful after we decided what our content should feel like; thoughtful and meticulous. But our design? We made it simple, we made it rough. Contradictory to our name, our branding is a monument to readers visiting – and staying – for our content; not our design.

However, the traffic-light green and the caution-sign triangle have become synonymous with our name. They’re quick identifiers of Careful content and Careful collaborations. You can find them adapted in to our playlists, reading lists, and social media accounts.