Gone Til November

GTN is a proudly-Canadian, streetwear brand based in Toronto. They’re committed to crafting high-quality goods that incorporate empowering messages.


Gone Til November goes against the grain. Even before they brought me on, they were known for their striking designs and excellent build. Rather than operating as a capital-driven company, the owners avoid the common traps and pitfalls of a small start-up. They navigate around the usual tropes of clothing brands, paving their own way to success.

When I started photographing their products, I learned that they appreciated originality as much as I do. It gave me the freedom to coordinate organic shoots that highlighted character as much as it did clothing. Our process has been open and collaborative. We’re welcoming of all ideas and there’s always room to bounce them around. Now, my shoots are conducted similarly to my GTN sessions. They’re sessions built on the fundamentals of ongoing collaboration and respect for one another’s artistry.

You can learn more about Gone Til November here.