Infinity Run – Spec Ad

“The Marathon Continues”

Creative Direction + Photography + Design

During pivotal moments of unrest these past months, companies have had to take a position: address the injustices or turn a blind eye. While Nike took their stance and wore it well, I wanted to explore an additional action. What if Nike used their brand to empower black-owned organizations, especially during a challenging time for growing businesses. A movement that coincided with this was The Marathon, derived from the works of the late Nipsey Hussle. Although I wasn’t very familiar with it at first, I knew what it stood for: promoting growth, empowering your community, and seeking everlasting change. Particularly from the lens of a person of color. It was the perfect intersection to pull the storytelling out of these Nike Infinity Run’s; a shoe with incredible SUPPORT, allowing you to make steps toward your goals EVERY DAY without restraint, and marks the latest iteration of CHANGE.