“Muse: the brain sensing headband will elevate your meditation experience”

Muse is a tool created to demystify the meditation process. Paired with the accompanying app, Muse plays real-time audio feedback relative to your brain activity. You can find the Muse Blog here.


Writing + User Experience

I was tasked by Interaxon, the makers of Muse, to develop new content for the Muse Blog. Previously, it was a space for employees to write about meditation topics. When I joined the team, I was given the freedom to pitch content, begin series of articles, and write them however I saw fit. During my time there, Muse’s once-occasional blog post became a weekly tradition.

After growing into the role, Interaxon assigned me special writing projects. These served as opportunities to diversify my writing style. In addition to the blog posts, I was drafting messages from the company to potential customers and Muse owners. The abandoned cart email and newsletter I worked on had me writing for different audiences.  They served as exercises in goal-oriented copywriting.