Toronto Comic Arts Festival

TCAF is an annual comics festival that celebrates comics and creators from across the globe. 

Photography + Videography

Having attended the festival before, I was thrilled to be the official photographer of TCAF 2017. I took it upon myself to showcase all facets of the show: the spaces, the vendors, the interactions, the panels, and the fans. If people missed out on the show, I wanted to convince them to attend the following year.

My time at the show was spent befriending patrons and guests, making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. This was essential when I was asked to film TCAF’s largest panel. The talk was in remembrance of Darwyn Cooke, a comic icon who had passed away. The experience taught me how to be mindful of people’s feelings while respectfully carrying out your job.

You can learn more about the Toronto Comic Arts Festival here.