Transit(ion) – A Vehicle for My Experiences

“By: Ziyaad Haniff”



I’ve had a fascination with transfers since childhood. As I grew older, I noticed I wasn’t the only one. A transfer is the ultimate timestamp; in a glance, it tells you the date, the time, and the route you’ve taken. It’s the perfect tool in a world fixated with your whereabouts.

The transfer is also your ticket past barriers of entry. But is a piece of paper truly enough to prove where I’ve been? Can my intention to move forward be simplified to that of a flimsy document? We’ve been conditioned to prioritize the “proof-of-purchase” over the journey up to this point; one is easier to validate, while the other has become an uncomfortable conversion fueled with hesitancy. Although when life gets hectic – and we’re too busy rushing to our destinations in a timely manner – we can’t afford to take any detours; you take the path with the best track record.

Admittedly, anytime I’m on the go, it feels like a slow ride. And I’m eager to get where I need to be. I sometimes wonder if the constant distractions and all the people hopping on discourage the driver from flooring it. However, it also serves as a reminder that the vehicle is communal, and we all have different destinations. If you stay on-board and enjoy the ride, you’ll arrive before you know it. It’s easy to view the transfer as the ticket that grants you passage to the road ahead, but its true value is that it’s a reminder of how far you’ve come.